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The Shanghai Expo 2010

Recently, the Shanghai expo 2010 have come to an end… fairly successfully, in words of Chinese officials. According to the news, over 72 million people have visited the expo fair in Shanghai… …Also according to news, the queue to simply … Continue reading

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China: The Adults

The most important part that adults play is always the parents. As parents, the adults are always responsible for their children and always tell them: don’t eat too much candy don’t talk to strange people don’t accept candy from strangers … Continue reading

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China: the Children

Life starts always as an infant and a baby. The newborns are always received with much attention and care; unless the family is not rich enough to support the child or if the family did not want the child at … Continue reading

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Traffic Beijing

Crossing the road in Beijing may be the last thing you ever do. Why? There’s a saying that you can tell how long a person has been living in Beijing by looking at how they cross a road with cars … Continue reading

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summer games

Since the sun’s bright outside, I thought I’d like to play some games. When I was a kid, I lived in a courtyard with many other families who also had kids. This provided me with constant playmates throughout the summers. … Continue reading

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