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Tim Lott: Fearless

I found this book in the library by what may seem like a total accident. I was looking for a book to read, and in desperation, I took this book, which had no description of its contents what-so-ever. ‘Fearless’ tells … Continue reading

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A Cookie

As I neared the door of the kitchen, I could hear the faint ruffling sound fading, the cookies sensed my presence and they were hiding, trying to appear less appealing as I entered the room. I quickly glanced around me … Continue reading

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A Colorful Picture

I have no idea what I might want to do with the picture but it’s fun to see all the colors together. And since I’m doing this with the computer, here are the steps: 1. Make a lot of random … Continue reading

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The Apples

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D.I.Y: My Wall

This is the latest updated corner of my wall. So a friend came over on Sunday and I decided that it would be fun to decorate my wall with (messy) pictures of flowers. As you can notice, we made it … Continue reading

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Drawing on Food

Sometimes, when I’m in the mood, I draw on food. I don’t mean drawing on salmon or salads, but fruits that can be peeled or eggs. Oranges and bananas are always good to draw on, and you don’t really need … Continue reading

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Personal Project

Now about my personal project… While I was still in Beijing last month, an idea came into my mind: a new story. Now no matter how I look at it, the old story (about the little witches) seems awfully pointless. … Continue reading

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