China: The Adults

The most important part that adults play is always the parents. As parents, the adults are always responsible for their children and always tell them:

  • don’t eat too much candy
  • don’t talk to strange people
  • don’t accept candy from strangers
  • don’t go out alone
  • don’t waste food
  • don’t ……

Everything must be forbidden to make their child safe, as I understand it.

Of course, nothing is ever forbidden when it comes to studying. The parents will start a hobby for their kids and sometimes it’s not only one hobby. Once started the children will have no quitting and therefore the parents will have to keep on paying the fee and keep on sending their children to their ‘hobby’ lessons.

It’s always a big pressure if your child is not doing well at school, because the parents will always have to go to the parent meetings. Now in the western world, parent meeting with the teacher or with other parents is always fun: they never tell you discouraging facts about your child’s grades. But in China, it is such an honor to be praised by the teacher that the parents will feel very very proud, it’s only the good students that are praised, of course; the in-the-middle students are normally not mentioned much; the bad students are always the spotlight, teachers always make an extra fuss on the bad students as if forcing the parents to dig a hole on the floor and bury themself in to avoid the shame.

(note that the bad children aren’t always stupid, the are sometimes even smarter than the good students but they just don’t want to study… Who does?)

The second most important role that adults play is to work to make food for the children.

Working has normally an even more heavy pressure on the parents unless they are the bosses themselves. The workers have to obey everything their bosses say and never get in their way, never park their cars on their bosses’ spots and never never do anything not in the bosses’ interest; otherwise they get less money.

The adults have short holidays, heavy work, lots of pressures, lots of responsibilities etc. So I consider it quite normal if a child doesn’t want to grow up.

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