summer games

Since the sun’s bright outside, I thought I’d like to play some games.

When I was a kid, I lived in a courtyard with many other families who also had kids. This provided me with constant playmates throughout the summers.

Games we played could start from a normal hide and seek game to a grasshopper hunt and continue to ‘fishing chickens’.

We would ride out boards and race around the courtyard, which normally resulted in legs and arms covered with bruises. We also made potions and ‘soups’ out of mud, grass and any flowers we could find. It was also daily that we went swimming in the sea, but I normally went with my little cousin. 🙂

I don’t think I need to explain to anyone about the hide and seek game, but the grasshopper hunt? 😛

Well, in the summers the grass field in our courtyards grows REALLY wild, they are so high and full of grasshoppers(and mosquitoes) that the kids(us)couldn’t help but to go and catch ~50 of them and put them in bottles(I know it sounds cruel, but grasshoppers are bad for crops.) After we’ve got the grasshoppers(and mosquito bites) we go to the concrete part of the yard and let the grasshoppers out so we could catch them again. Other times we fed them to the chickens that lived in a corner of  the courtyard.

‘Fishing chickens’ was created when we found a red and nice looking kind of berries in the courtyard and attached the berries to strings, we then sat on the wall next to the chicken shed and ‘give’ them to the chickens. But normally we take the berries away from the chickens just when they are about to eat it.

Last summer, I got a water gun from my friend. Water guns have always been my favourite(we played with those in China in the summers when it was VERY hot. ) And since most of my friends were travelling and away, I spent most of last summer alone.

But when I got the water gun, I had a new ‘game’. In our balcony, there were sometimes flies. I gave myself pleasure in shooting them with water, though I seldom got any. I also shot trees, plants and flowers outside. Sometimes I spent hours doing that. Filling and refilling my ‘gun’.

This summer, I’m going back to China(FINALLY!!)for a visite after 3 years. I really miss my relatives, especially my little cousin. I simply cannot wait until June!

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