China: the Children

Life starts always as an infant and a baby. The newborns are always received with much attention and care; unless the family is not rich enough to support the child or if the family did not want the child at all. The grandparents always take care of the children while the parents are busy at work, it’s the cause of many children living in their grandparents’ homes.

While growing up, different families treat children differently: Some parents make their child learn everything he/she has time to learn and go to special lessons everyday to ‘smarten’ them (I’m not in favor of that); other parents buy everything the child wants and completely spoil them; some poor families are not able to afford much and therefore maybe the child can’t take a bath even once a week; others are neutral and let the child go about more freely than others (as I was raised).

Since the children are often under the care of their grandparents, they are fed whatever they want to eat and are allowed to watch TV and become caochpotatoes. Therefore it’s not much of a surprise to see a fat kid down the street sometimes. The ones who are allowed to go out and play are normally fitter.

Ever since kindergarden children are taught to compete. The competition becomes even harder when children goes to school.

Boys usually go to school later than girls, as it is harder for boys to sit still and listen to the teacher. Once in school, children (including me) are watched over by the higher grade students on behavior and more; they are also instantly taught to the ‘goody-card’ system.

The ‘goody-card’ system means that everyone’s name will be written on a big piece of paper on the wall. When students are good or when the teacher favors them or as an award, they are given ‘goody-cards’ made out of cardboard and when they have ten ‘goody-cards’, they are given a little red flower above their name on the wall and the ‘goody-cards’ will be taken back to the teacher. The good students always have so much red flowers above their names that they run out of space to stick more flowers there.

In middle school, the…… teenagers are watched over strictly at school. It’s considered by the teachers unsuitable to wear stylish cloth and have your ears pierced or let your hair down (if you are a girl). And you’d get a cold scolding if your do any of the above.

Most children wear glasses when they go to middle school due to the overload of their homework. In some schools it is even known for the parents to help their children with homework because it’s too much. And when I say help, I don’t mean helping the students when they don’t know something, the parents actually do the school work for their kids and still the work would last both parent and child till late night.

And highschool? I don’t know, I haven’t been there yet and I don’t really have any friends who can tell me of it, so…..

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