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There’s a book that I used to read quite often about camping etc. Also on that book was the footprints that some forest animals would leave behind, such as rabbits, foxes, badgers… On the way into the forest the other … Continue reading

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Animate Card

This is more of an experiment than anything, just to see if wordpress supports animate cards that I make… These cards are surprisingly easy to make with Photoshop, which has a special function of making animations. I never really have … Continue reading

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D.I.Y: My Wall

This is the latest updated corner of my wall. So a friend came over on Sunday and I decided that it would be fun to decorate my wall with (messy) pictures of flowers. As you can notice, we made it … Continue reading

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Berries of Summer

Ever since I moved to Finland, new things and knowledge poured right down on me. I enjoyed them, the freshness of everything (and the cleanness of everything). I arrived in winter, and didn’t know much about berries except for the … Continue reading

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Mosquitoes, Our Night Enemy

Mosquitoes, the blood-sucking little insects that can drive a person mad with their high-pitched ‘veeeerr’ sound (literally). Like most insects, they are attracted to light and therefore it is always a bad idea to open your window at night with … Continue reading

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A Eco-Sphere lives up to its name. It is an enclosed glass bubble (or other shapes) that has a complete eco-system that works and functions and could survive for up to 2-3 years in average founded by Dan Harmony. An … Continue reading

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I drew this picture in my record time this afternoon because I was bored. It’s not detailed at all, considering I didn’t use the eraser on this picture 1/4th of what I normally would have. So it’s just a sketch … Continue reading

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