Change of Heart

Meh. This is my last post in WordPress, I have fallen in love with Tumblr and has decided to continue my blog there.

Does a secret hide behind that smile?

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Sketching Like A Boss

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After the Outlines…

… comes the colors!!

So first I filled in the parts with their basic colors, that makes it easier to color and select later on. This is what it looks like with the plain colors, no shades, and no outlines:

And then I put in the shades and highlights. I always use LOT of smudging in my colored pictures, it blends the colors together but since I’m no good at coloring, also makes the picture look extremely fake…

And then we have the finished product. 🙂

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Exactly what the title says:  this is an outline of a picture. What’s next is I color in the picture, but that might take a while…

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Yes, No, Maybe So??

I’m currently in the process of making a new colored picture! I’d never have thought that I would ever make a colored picture again after my personal project, but people change quickly, so…

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Glasses and Hats

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There’s no almost in the title anymore! What better indicators of spring do I need than birds singing their love songs in the mornings?

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