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Subliminal Messages

While facebooking today, I noticed some groups(with the annoying surveys) titled the shocking Disney subliminal messages. So I used google to find out more about subliminal messages, what are they? Subliminal messages are normally hidden in pictures, they can also … Continue reading

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Playing with food!

Personally, I have taken a likening of drawing faces on eggs. Me and my dad now have so many eggs in the kitchen that they are starting to look creepy. Today, I have found the true food art artist, and … Continue reading

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Introducing: Manga!

If someone has never seen a manga picture ever before, it would really seem weird at first sight. Manga is the word for Japanese comics, identified with characters who has big eyes. My previous pictures of the two girls are … Continue reading

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Just a doodle. 🙂 Photoshop.

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summer games

Since the sun’s bright outside, I thought I’d like to play some games. When I was a kid, I lived in a courtyard with many other families who also had kids. This provided me with constant playmates throughout the summers. … Continue reading

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The three kittens

The summer before I left the courtyard and China, we kids received some new playmates. A pregnant (wild) cat had moved in to my neighbour’s garage to give birth, and not long after, there were 3 cute white kittens with … Continue reading

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This is finally done! It’s probably the first picture I have drawn in photoshop with ~40 layers. In the original sketch there was a bird too, but I counldn’t draw birds very well, so here’s the girl.

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