Can’t Trust Common Sense Anymore

Naturally, when one wakes up in the morning and sees the sun shining through the window, one’s going to think: ‘Oh no, I over slept.’ But Finland is one of those places where the sun doesn’t exactly tell you what time it is.

Before I moved here, the sun would always give me an approximate of the time, for example when the sun rises, it’s around eight; when the sunsets, it’s around six. However in Finland, if I relied on my common sense too much, my human clock may be in total chaos.

In summer, the sun could rise anywhere from 1:00am-6:00am, and it can set at anytime from 8:00pm-11:00pm… or just not set at all on midsummer’s day. In winter, you’d be expecting some dim sunlight during 10:00am-3:00pm, maximum.

Yes, I am making fine use of all the common sense my ancient ancestors gathered up here.

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You Know You Have Been In Finland Too Long, When…

Here’s a helpful guide to all those who have been living in Finland, and wondering if they have been living in Finland for too long. The original can be found at Helsinki Sanomat.

1. You rummage through your plastic bag collection to see which ones you should keep to take to the store and which can be sacrificed to garbage.

2. When a stranger on the street smiles at you:
a. you assume he is drunk
b. he is insane
c. he’s an American

3. You don’t think twice about putting the wet dishes away in the cupboard to dry.

4. A friend asks about your holiday plans and you answer: “Oh, I’m going to Europe!” meaning any other Western European country outside Scandinavia.

5. You see a student taking a front row seat and wonder “Who does he think he is!!??”

6. Silence is fun.

7. The reason you take the ferry to Stockholm or Tallinn is:
a. duty free vodka
b. duty free beer
c. to party heartily…no need to get off the boat in Stockholm or Tallinn, just turn around and do it again on the way back to Finland.

8. Your coffee consumption exceeds 6 cups a day and coffee is too weak if there is less than two spoonfuls per person.

9. You pass a grocery store and think: “Wow, it is open, I had better go in and buy something!”
10. Your native language has seriously deteriorated, now you begin to “eat medicine”, “open the television”, “close the lights off”, and tell someone: “you needn’t to!”. Expressions like “Don’t panic” creep into your everyday language.

11. You associate pea soup with Thursday.

12. Your idea of unforgivable behaviour now includes walking across the street when the light is red and there is no walk symbol, even though there are no cars in sight.

13. Your notion of street life is reduced to the few teenagers hanging out in front of the railway station on Friday nights.

14. Sundays no longer seem dull with all the stores closed, and begin to feel restful instead.

15. You finally stop asking your class “Are there any questions?”

16. Your old habit of being “Fashionably late” is no longer acceptable. You are always on time.

17. Hugging is reserved for sexual foreplay.

18. You refuse to wear a hat, even in -30°C weather.

19. You hear loud-talking passengers on the train. You immediately assume:
a. they are drunk
b. they are Swedish-speaking
c. they are Americans
d. all of the above.

20. You no longer look at sports pants as casual wear, but recognize them as almost formal wear.

21. You have undergone a transformation:
a. you accept mustamakkara (Black blood sausage) as food
b. you accept alcohol as food
c. you accept.

22. You understand why the Finnish language has no future tense.

23. You no longer have to search for the flushing mechanism.

24. You no longer see any problem wearing white socks with loafers.

25. You just love Jaffa.

26. You’ve come to expect Sunday morning sidewalk vomit dodging.

27. You know that “religious holiday” means “let’s get pissed.”

28. You enjoy salmiakki.

29. You know that “Gents” is another term for sidewalk.

30. You know that more than four channels means cable.

31. When you’re hungry you can peel a boiled potato like lightning.

32. You’ve become lactose intolerant.

33. You accept that 80°C in a sauna is chilly, but 20°C outside is freaking hot.

34. You know how to fix herring in 105 different ways.

35. You eat herring in 105 ways.

36. “No comment” becomes a conversation strategy.

37. You can’t understand why people live anywhere but in Finland.

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Setting Sail

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Sitting and Waiting

… for spring to come.

… Perhaps eating some chocolate chip cookies too.

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One Piece

I recently discovered the manga called One Piece, drawn by Oda Eiichiro. And yes, I’ve just discovered it even though it’s been running since 1997. The main story contains numerous sub-plots within, but basically the story is about a pirate crew.

The series gets its name from the treasure that the crew is searching for: One Piece. The series focuses closely on the crew’s adventures but also contains themes such as friendship. The manga can be categorised under comedy, action, since it contains quite a lot of fighting. The art of the manga is detailed and accurate, very comical as well. All of the characters that appear in the series have a different personality, which I believe is a very hard thing to achieve, considering that fact that there are quite a LOT of characters in the manga.

A short introduction to the crew:

The crew consists of nine members, which is relatively small. There are four male members, two female members, one cyborg, one skeleton and also a reindeer.

The crew (generally referred to as the Strawhat Crew, or the Strawhats) also consider their ship as a crew mate, which is quite rare.

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When I walked out of the door this morning, I realized with much horror that it was snowing. Snowing, snowing, snowing in March! I cannot believe it…


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Just Because I’m In A Good Mood

Today I’ve decided to make a post on the production steps on a recent picture I drew.

I couldn’t resist the temptation of drawing a cloak of some kind, so I did this, who knows what she’s doing…

Step one: sketch.

I i always start with a stick man, but then results of a sketch usually end up something like the picture below. I don’t add much details, do those after the picture’s a bit more cleaned up.

Step two: outline.

The clean version of the sketch. I also added some details to the cloth etc. and filled in the black parts too.

Step three: shading.

As in, to the character.

Step four: what ever it is left to do.

The background, shading in the background, in this case speed-lines as well. Then it’s done!

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