Outside My Window

I’m going to post a picture every few days of a picture outside my window with the centre focused on the bench next to the tree. It will be interesting to see the change throughout the years.  Enjoy!  🙂

April 12th 2011:

Be gone with thee, snow!!

April 9th 2011:

Sunny on the weekends!

April 7th 2011:

Foggy, foggy, foggy. But hey, the snow is melting with the speed of lightning!!

April 4th 2011:

Foggy day today! Thought it wouldn’t make much of a difference if the picture was in Black and White…

March 25th 2011:

Don’t let the sun fool you, it was snowing like mad.

March 12nd 2011:

The snow is melting!!!

February 24th 2011:

February 18th 2011:

My faithful companion Snowy decided to pop in for this very snowy shot.

January 30th 2011:

hmm, notice the difference from this picture to my first picture here? 😀 The snow bank is quite something to notice…

January 15th 2011:

Folks, the sun came out!! Aah, just brightens my spirit!

December 22nd 2010:

Long time no update. Well… the window is frozen so I can’t open it, and now all the pictures will be blurry due to the window. Wait until spring when I can open the windows again and the pictures will get sharper. But meanwhile, the world outside my window is frozen and covered with snow and ice. It probably won’t change for a while.

November 7th 2010:



October 21st 2010:

First days of frost. Joy.

October 12th 2010:

Long time no update. I figured that if I don’t do it now it’s going to start snowing… Actually it snowed a bit today, but the ‘snow’ melted as soon as they touched the ground.

September 22nd 2010:

A night photo.

September 17th 2010:

Yes, messing around with picture editor again.

September 14th 2010:

Seems like the leaves turned color over-night…

September 9th 2010:

I tried a different angle this time, but the centre is still on the bench. 🙂

September 4th 2010:

A gorgeous sunset. And a girl in matching cloth. 🙂

September 3rd 2010:

September 1st 2010:

Aaah, the sun finally came out!

August 31st 2010:

August 28th 2010:

People like to sit on the benches when it’s warm, some people drink and get really drunk there too.


3 Responses to Outside My Window

  1. The Poppins says:

    this is awesome!!! i never noticed this page before…. 😀 do you mind if i steal your idea and do this too?

  2. Like your pictures and photoes. have taken one to share with those outside whose window it is only ugly (like me, your mum can tell you how ugly it is). Hope to meet you someday!

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