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Mosquitoes, Our Night Enemy

Mosquitoes, the blood-sucking little insects that can drive a person mad with their high-pitched ‘veeeerr’ sound (literally). Like most insects, they are attracted to light and therefore it is always a bad idea to open your window at night with … Continue reading

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A Eco-Sphere lives up to its name. It is an enclosed glass bubble (or other shapes) that has a complete eco-system that works and functions and could survive for up to 2-3 years in average founded by Dan Harmony. An … Continue reading

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I drew this on Photoshop and then edited it to Sepia-mode on Picasa.

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I drew this picture in my record time this afternoon because I was bored. It’s not detailed at all, considering I didn’t use the eraser on this picture 1/4th of what I normally would have. So it’s just a sketch … Continue reading

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When I first switched on the TV and started watching the World cup 2010,I noticed a constant noise in the background of the game-interpreters. It’s a sound my mum described as a swarm of bees, and I agree with her. … Continue reading

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The first thing you need to know about Watermelons, one of my favorite fruits, is that it’s always perfect for a summer day. In the hot weather you sweat and lose a lot of water, watermelons exist (to me) for … Continue reading

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Personal Project

I have written the basic plot on the computer already. And when me and dad looked at it the other day, dad made some suggestions e.g: my original plan was to make the Protagonist (Annika) wake up and introduce herself … Continue reading

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