One Piece

I recently discovered the manga called One Piece, drawn by Oda Eiichiro. And yes, I’ve just discovered it even though it’s been running since 1997. The main story contains numerous sub-plots within, but basically the story is about a pirate crew.

The series gets its name from the treasure that the crew is searching for: One Piece. The series focuses closely on the crew’s adventures but also contains themes such as friendship. The manga can be categorised under comedy, action, since it contains quite a lot of fighting. The art of the manga is detailed and accurate, very comical as well. All of the characters that appear in the series have a different personality, which I believe is a very hard thing to achieve, considering that fact that there are quite a LOT of characters in the manga.

A short introduction to the crew:

The crew consists of nine members, which is relatively small. There are four male members, two female members, one cyborg, one skeleton and also a reindeer.

The crew (generally referred to as the Strawhat Crew, or the Strawhats) also consider their ship as a crew mate, which is quite rare.

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2 Responses to One Piece

  1. Rudi says:

    Oh that’s interesting. Here “Onepiece” is actually a clothing brand for this kinda popular whole-body dress which reminds me of the teletubbies.

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