Magic Kingdom’s Magic Show

On the third day of our trip to Florida, we went to Orlando, and the kingdom of the mouse with the black round ears. I suppose you can imagine how fun it is there, especially when the weather is so nice! In the evening, we stayed to watch a show (which is shown every  night, by the way) and there were fireworks that out-matched the ‘this side, the other side’ by, say, 200 percent?

Well, here is the castle (and lots of people’s heads) at day time.

At night, the castle will change colors, and I watched in wonder as the castle turned from blue to purple to green and back to blue again. Wonders how much electricity they spend in a year?

And once the picture show started, the castle changed colors and patterns continuesly until your eyes are blured with the staring.

I was terrifies when I first found out that we were going to be watching a show with fireworks at night, and not because I am afraid of the dark or loud noises, but because I did not have a tripod with me! Horrible! I had to take night pictures at half a second’s exposure time without a tripod! D: Or in other words, I had to hold so still that when the picture show finished, my arms were sooore.

But it was worth it.

Just like Magic!

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