Tavelling to Budapest

The first place we visited in Budapest is the National Opera House. I’d never been in an opera before,  so naturally it was a thrill to me. Originally we intended to see the Nutcracker, but the tickets were ALL sold out, so we watched The Marriage of Figaro instead.

The entrance hall of the Opera

The opera house was decorated with gold dust, really beautiful.

The HUGE chandelier

These chandeliers are very large, and my seat happened to be almost directly under it… Just thought about when the chandelier fell down in the ‘Phantom of the Opera’, and it wasn’t a pleasant feeling.


Is that where the king used to sit?

The actor/singers

The Opera was a really good experience, the sound effect is much better than CDs. But one tip, check the story-line of whatever you are watching first, it might be quite confusing if you watched a play for three hours without understanding anything…


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