Independence Fashion

Well, today was the Finnish independence day and it’s a national holiday. We watched on TV the ceremony in which Tarja Halonen, the president of Finland, shakes hands and welcome all of her guests to the celebration: an entertaining process that took one and half hours…

But honestly, it was very entertaining. At least to me, who inspected all of the ladies’ dresses and accessories with detailed care. Most of the dresses were so-so, even though they may cost more than simply so-so, take away the so-so dresses, and there are the dresses that look… not at their best on their mistresses and the dresses that are absolutely fantastic.

Most of the dresses that did not look good on their mistress had a common problem: the color. For example, the hair color, the skin color or just the color of the dress itself… There are also dresses that had flashy patterns which made your eyes water, not the best option.

Patterns are good, just don’t overdo it.

Black and white is a very good choice as they match easily and most people look elegant in them.

But don’t overdo the black, otherwise you may look a bit ‘funeralish’…

If you have a figure that you are proud of, show it.

Light green, from what I gathered, has a very interesting but negative look. If you are one of those who could wear this color, good job.

Just before you wear your newly bought, beautiful dress though, walk in them. From what I counted in TV today, at least 3 of the dresses the ladies wore were stepped on/tripped over. It might be a good idea to get your walking together first.

Accessories are a must when wearing a formal dress. Earrings are good but necklaces are crucial. And depending on the dress you are wearing, the size and style can differ quite a bit as well.

One last note: even if you see a dress that you absolutely LOVE, don’t buy it unless you are sure that you will get a chance to wear it someday.

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