Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves are one of the most beautiful things in the world… autumn leaves against a clear blue sky is even more beautiful.

There is one place that I know of where the leaves fall like crazy from the trees and there is such a humongous amount of leaves that you can really bury a person in(we tried, and succeeded).I wish the leaves never disappear from that place.

Wouldn’t it be weird if it snowed autumn leaves instead of snow? But then it would be called leaving, which would have a second meaning, so I guess I’ll call it ‘auling’. 😛

Well, in general, if ‘auling’ really existed, I’m sure it will be more beautiful than snow.

Falling leaves

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2 Responses to Autumn Leaves

  1. What kind of camara do you have? I love your photographs!

    • Vivian says:

      I’m glad you like them. My camera was bought 4 years ago and it’s a KODAK EASYSHARE P880 Zoom Digital Camera. Not the best kind, but works well. 🙂

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