Bottled Light

I once heard of a story:

The was once a little girl who had a grandmother that could not walk anymore. One day when the little girl was playing outside she thought:’ oh, wouldn’t it be wonderful if grandmamma could come outside and see the sun!’ Then she thought:’ but since grandmamma can’t walk, I’ll have to bring the sun to her!’

So the little girl picked up her new shawl and went outside to capture the sunlight, when she has done so, she ran back to her grandmamma as quick as possible and opened the shawl, but nothing came out. The little girl thought:’well, I’m a slow runner, maybe the sunlight slipped out.’ So she repeated the routine again and again, without success.

Grandmamma, who was watching the little girl all the time, asked:’what is it you are doing?’ The little girl answered truthfully and her grandmamma laughed:’ the reason you can’t bring any sunshine in with your shawl is that my sunshine is already with me. You are my sunshine, little one.’

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