Tim Lott: Fearless

I found this book in the library by what may seem like a total accident. I was looking for a book to read, and in desperation, I took this book, which had no description of its contents what-so-ever.

‘Fearless’ tells of story set in an imaginary place, where you run and hide with the heroine and share their joys and fears; it tells of a story of struggles, freedom and perhaps what does courage really mean.

It is an absolutely gripping story and I could simply not put it down once I started. And it wasn’t one of those books that has an interesting plot but boring passages that makes you want to flip to the back and find out the ending immediately; it grips you so tightly that you can’t stop reading, and since it’s a fairly short book, you finish it soon too.

It is a story that does not have a happy ever after for everyone, but if it had ended in the optimistic way, I feel that the book would have been less enjoyable.

It might have been the cover that got me to borrow it, it might have been the title, but what ever it is, I am very glad that I ever got a chance to read it.

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