Drawing on Food

Sometimes, when I’m in the mood, I draw on food. I don’t mean drawing on salmon or salads, but fruits that can be peeled or eggs. Oranges and bananas are always good to draw on, and you don’t really need a professional pen: a normal marker will do as long as you are doing it for fun.

Eggs are also great to draw on because they have a rough texture. I prefer to use pencils when drawing eggs, markers tend to fade. When I draw eggs, I always draw them before they are cooked, and when I want to cook them, mom makes a hole on the bottom of the egg to let all the egg yolk come out (the little hole can actually help the egg to stand up later). You can then keep the egg in the kitchen or wherever you like as a decoration.

My friend suggested one day (after seeing my army of eggs) that it would be rather thrilling to stick the eggs face down to the ceiling. I was fascinated. It’s a great idea, though I haven’t tried it, I can imagine that it must be really scary to have an army of eggs looking down on you every single moment you are at home.

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