Personal Project

Now about my personal project… While I was still in Beijing last month, an idea came into my mind: a new story.

Now no matter how I look at it, the old story (about the little witches) seems awfully pointless. A story that I want to make is one that actually has a meaning, not a simple story that tells about a happy little girl dancing in the sunshine and lives happily ever after— That’s not a good story.

The story that came to me in Beijing tells of a grey city, and a little girl who lives in it. That story is called ‘Grey City’, and it pushed the little witch plot away from me completely.

I actually wrote the plot down already (and it was much longer than expected), I wanted it to be an illustrated story book but it hit me that the story will actually be very difficult to illustrate as it is really very depressing— so depressing that I gave up on it. I didn’t want to draw it anymore, simply reading the story is saddening enough.

Maybe when I grow older I will draw the story, but not for now.

So what am I going to do for my personal project? I change my mind so fast that it’s almost impossible to stick onto one single idea and finish it. That means if I can’t find something that is really interesting or something that I really want to do and am really satisfied with, then I’d better not do it at all.

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2 Responses to Personal Project

  1. Vahid says:

    Hi Mereen,
    You are truly a professional young artist with a very bright future. I love your work and I showed them to my 3 year-old doughter and she loved them too. I wish you were in California so I would have had you draw some of your beautiful paintings in my daughters room on the wall.
    I am sure you do not remember me but we have met in Groningen, NL while you and your dad were visiting your mom. Here is a clue: I gave you my beloved white huggy bear whose butt had been patched up multiple times. 🙂 He must be quite old and happy now. Huh, now you remember!
    Please continue your personal project because my doughter and I will be checking back to see it.
    Vahid & Ava

  2. Mereen says:

    Thank you for your comment and yes ofcourse I remember you! I will finish my project for sure and when I do, I’m likely to post it on this blog. 🙂
    Say hi to Ava for me!


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