My Toy Family

My faithful toys that followed me all the way from China to Finland, they are like a big happy family and I really feel sad for the ones that I had to leave behind.

To your right are the toys that live on my bookshelf. Actually, half of my bookshelf is non-books.

Below is Bob and Boberta in their cozy little tree house. They are born in Finland, and more precisely in Art class. And due to the lack of time I gave Boberta a very in-style hairstyle that is made of one thick bunch of red paper strings. They live on top of my book shelf.

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One Response to My Toy Family

  1. Tigerlily says:

    Hi. Vivi. I like your blog, which is why sometimes when I feel bored in writing my dissertation, I just pop in and look around to see if there is anything new, even any comments new sometimes 🙂 So I happened to find that there is a big problem with this comment. You really should delete it (the one comment on your toy family). I am sure that you understand clearly that everything exists, beautiful and ugly, good and bad, bright and grey, anyway, things exist in our human world could all exist here, therefore, we all need our minds to tell what we shall choose. Happy blogging, I enjoy reading it very much! I am sure many other people also do! 🙂

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