Berries of Summer

Ever since I moved to Finland, new things and knowledge poured right down on me. I enjoyed them, the freshness of everything (and the cleanness of everything). I arrived in winter, and didn’t know much about berries except for the once that were sold in the market place in China: that means that I didn’t know about blueberry, red current, raspberry, gooseberry, black berry… So when summer came I was overjoyed to learn  that there are lots of berries around where I live and that I could pick and eat them anytime.

The raspberry, gooseberry, red and white currents came in plenty, and they were always there when I got tired from playing with my friends. When we got thirsty, we’d  go pick some berries to eat; the juicy taste of the berries always gave us more energy to play— often until dinner.

To pick blueberries we had to go to the forest with little bucket or boxes. When we first tried picking blueberries we actually got lost following the blueberries: they were all over the forest floor. At first we picked the blueberries by hand, but last summer we bought a blueberry picking tool to increase our ‘productivity’. It’s really useful and it works well ( except it gets leaves, spider webs and bugs as well as blueberries.).

As for strawberry, we stuck to buying them at the market. The wild strawberries are small (though they are so incredibly sweet) and they are hard to find. I once did find a very small strawberry plant in the yard, but the fruit was half eaten by ants. We also tried planting them on our balcony last summer, and the result was really tasty. But as I earlier mentioned in my blog about the horrible ant problem we got later, we are not doing it again this summer.

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  1. rudi says:

    Hi 😀 That was a cute picture you drew 😛
    Check out my website? I recently installed wordpress on the blog, so yay me xD Follow me there then 😀

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