Mosquitoes, Our Night Enemy

Mosquitoes, the blood-sucking little insects that can drive a person mad with their high-pitched ‘veeeerr’ sound (literally). Like most insects, they are attracted to light and therefore it is always a bad idea to open your window at night with your lights on in Summer. I’ve also read that they are attracted more to people who release a lot of  CO2. They are clever little devils who hide in your bedroom and begin their attacks when you are sound asleep, otherwise they ring around your ear and make you restless for the whole night. The blood-sucking mosquitoes are all females, males feed on plant juice.

It’s most depressing to be attacked by the mosquito when you’ve had a tiring day, and want a relaxing night spent alone, then your faithful companion the mosquito appears and rings around your ear to make you wake up. It’s depressing because then you can’t sleep another blink until you’ve hunted the little devil down or somehow shut it up in your bedroom and go sleep on your sofa.

I remember when I was small and we used to have night hunts for the mosquitoes. We don’t wake up intentionally and hunt them, of course, but it’s simply impossible to sleep knowing that somewhere in the house, there’s a blood-thirsty mosquito lurking around. We’d look though every centimeter-square of the entire ceiling (mosquitoes are always hiding on the ceilings, but sometimes they take to the walls too) and when we’ve finally tracked down the little thing, we’d spray mosquito-poison on it and give it a quick death.

Mosquito nets are a great tools for having a good night sleep in summer, but it gets even more terrible when there are mosquitoes inside the net, they’d buzz around you until you get crazy.

In a way, it’s like a war between the mosquitoes and us humans. It’s really ridiculous to think that we are, and it’s true, pretty beat-up by the mosquitoes.

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2 Responses to Mosquitoes, Our Night Enemy

  1. rudi says:

    heyy write something soon1!!

  2. Mereen says:

    Sorry but I was unable to connect to WordPress for sometimes. But now I’m back!
    Bytheway, Tor, which I use in China to get on Facebook etc. can be downloaded for free online. Search: the tor

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