When I first switched on the TV and started watching the World cup 2010,I noticed a constant noise in the background of the game-interpreters. It’s a sound my mum described as a swarm of bees, and I agree with her. The source of the noise is, of course, the vuvuzelas.

Vuvuzela is an instrument used by football fans in South Africa. It’s also called ‘lepatata’, but I prefer vuvuzela because it resembles the sound that it makes. The vuvuzelas are very colorful, and come in different lengths. Despite their colorful appearances, they can only make a sound at a constant pitch— reason why they turn out annoying after a while.

Footballers have complained that the constant vuvuzela sound in the background distracts them from playing. It’s not surprising that they complain since the vuvuzelas can create sound loud enough to damage one’s hearing when blowed at a close distance, a thrilling 127 dB.Image:

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