The first thing you need to know about Watermelons, one of my favorite fruits, is that it’s always perfect for a summer day. In the hot weather you sweat and lose a lot of water, watermelons exist (to me) for the exact situation. As the name suggests, watermelons has loads of sweet juice in it that doesn’t come out unless you eat it. The fruit is sweet with constant little black seeds that can be eaten (if you want to get an uncomfortable feeling down your throat and maybe die if you eat too many) but it is not suggested that you eat everything of the melon, especially the green coat with black stripes.

The second thing you need to know about the watermelon is when it’s ripe. An unripe watermelon will be the last thing you want to buy (and carry home). Tap or knock on the water melon to check if it’s ripe: if it sounds hollow, it’s ripe; if not hollow, unripe. Also, since the watermelon is made mostly of water, it should be always heavy for its size.

Yum. But look, the outer-skin is very thick, try to pick one that has a thinner outer-skin.

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