Personal Project

I decided that I will draw my PP with comic-cartoon characters. They will have Manga eyes, I think, but the bodies of the characters will be non-grown up and non-realistic. I’d like to have a lot of expressions for my characters, I may need the help of Hare+Guu (earlier mentioned in the blog) for all the expressions.

But because I am going to draw semi-manga style, I will have to design the characters again. The hair styles of the characters will still be the same though I will change the face shape etc.

To change all these means I may have to consider the panel layouts a bit more, the script may have to be changed to fit the characters too. But this is all worth it.

To draw the characters like this is much easier for me, since I will not need to draw all the details of the cloth, hair and hand. Also, the characters will appear more cute and funny. The changes I am going to make is also something new in its own way–I am getting a style of my own.

This is a girl with the style I’m going to use in my PP. It’s only a sketch and it’s created in Photoshop.

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