UFX stands for Unidentified Flying X, when X could mean anything.

This was created yesterday in Biology class when we went to the forest to look for UFPs(Unidentified Flying Plants). Then a series of UFXs was created today. Such things as:

  • UFP (Unidentified Flying Plant/Person, in case of the person, it would be superman.)
  • UFG (Unidentified Flying Grass)
  • UFT (Unidentified Flying Tree)
  • UFA (Unidentified Flying Animal)
  • UFO (Unidentified Flying Object/Orange)
  • UF- (Unidentified Flying anything you want)

The Orange could be Unidentified because of the Annoying Orange, it is believed that all oranges now have a name.


All of the above content is totally made up. 😛

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