Personal Project

I finished the cover of my PP today. It’s done in the computer but I’m not publishing it yet, it’s going to be a surprise when I finish my PP (if I ever do).

So a bit on my story for my PP. The main character is a little witch aged 8. And since it’s the tradition that witches or wizards get their first broom when they are 8, our little protagonist is going to learn to fly. That’s the plot. (I know it sounds ridiculously short and simple.) But the fact is that flying is nothing easy at all, it’s also about balance and the control over your broom.

I changed the plot a lot from the original one because this one has a bigger chance of surviving, the original, or old plot was way too long and there was no possibility of me finishing it with all my school works. But I hope that this new plot will come out fine.

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