Personal Project journal

For my personal project. I am going to draw a Manga about a little witch, and her sisters. Because I want to draw a ‘book’ of ~150 pages, I have to start plotting and sketching already.

The character design is always a fun part. To create different types of people, even though there’s not going to be lots of characters in my story, and give them all different personalities. Creating a complete set of personalities took a while for me. I had to start with the oldest trick in the book: take personalities from people I know.

This made everything much easier, I was actually surprised on how nicely some of my friends or people I know’s personalities fit into my characters. But since the characters are imaginary and not real, I sometimes needed many people’s personalities in just one character.

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3 Responses to Personal Project journal

  1. brokkolina says:

    omg is my personality there? O:D

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