‘Hare+Guu’ is a manga/anime that originally ran in Shonen manga. It’s about a ten-year old boy who lives in the jungle with his mum and his adopted ‘sister’. The ‘sister’, who has pink hair and a very cute and smiling social face, is actually a magical being from the jungle.

The characters are rather full of emotions, or they just like to make lots of different faces. The fact is that no one else knows who Guu(the ‘sister’) actually is beside Hare, and therefore Hare has to ‘look after’ Guu even if he doesn’t want to (Guu likes to swallow things such as animals, and people, but she usually spits them out whole afterwards…).

In general, the ‘Hare+Guu’ series are very funny and fun to read or watch. The first episodes might give you creeps but the creeps are mostly balanced out by the light colors and the good humor.

Above is a picture from the ‘Hare+Guu’ cover, with Guu in her social face. Guu’s social face is actually only seen when she first meet people or when she wants some thing (she can charm anyone in the world with her social face), normally Guu’s expression is quite evil…

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