Greyson Michael?

Grayson Michael is a 12-year-old who song the song Paparazzi by Lady Gaga in a school talent show and posted the video on YouTube. Apparently he has become a huge hit with that single one video and people are thinking: will he become the next Justin Bieber?

Personally, I am no fan of Justin Bieber whatsoever, but dear Grayson Michael here is still hundreds of miles away from Justin. Justin may sound like a girl, and may have lost his head in all the fame; he still has a nice voice and sings rather well. Justin Bieber is not famous for nothing.

Grayson Michael on the other hand, still has a young voice. His singing skills is no match for Justin Bieber right now. Of course, Grayson is only 12, and he actually has a chance to become like Justin one day (Justin is 16).

If you search Grayson Michael on YouTube, you will find his video of the talent show showing off his piano talents…

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