Personal Project

The 9th grade personal project is coming soon… Too soon, actually, that I have to start preparing already.

The 9th grade personal project is a project that a student does by themselves. The project could be anything from drawing few pictures to making a wooden bike model, as long as it’s linked with one of the areas of interaction.

The five areas of interaction are:

  1. approaches to learning
  2. community and service
  3. human ingenuity
  4. environments
  5. health and social education.

To get graded on the project, students have to write a 4000 word report on the project itself. The report will make up more than 50% of the whole grading, which I find rather annoying. Then students will also have to write a journal every time they do something on the project or relating to the project, it will also count in grading (I’m not sure, but we will HAVE to have it).

The journal is something I am going to keep on this blog (just to make sure I keep on blogging), everything I do and everything I did not do will be written in this blog (maybe not everything I did not do…).

This update is going to be the first created under the category–Personal Project!

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2 Responses to Personal Project

  1. zixrudi says:

    what are you going to do for the project?

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