Working week

Recently (last week) I had my TET (work experience week) week.

The point of this week is for the student to be employed by an employer and work for the whole week without payment. The student is supposed to learn how the working environment is like and what it really means to be employed.

I worked at a pet shop in a shopping mall near my home, and personally, I’d never go back there again. I had three bosses. The first one is the ultimate ‘slave driver’, also known as the owner of the shop. She always had things for me to do, more and more and more and more things for me to do. Apparently she survived for a long time without having them done, but now she has FREE labor to do all the things she wanted.

The second boss was less harsh than the first one, but she is overwhelmingly strict and swears constantly.

The third boss is my favourite. It is because of the fact that she never has any jobs for me to do, so I end up in the backroom playing with the animals.

This week working in the pet shop has led me to realise just how much I want to be self-employed and sit home and draw/design. Of course I will have to start with hard part-time jobs like this, but Good-bye working in the pet shop forever.

During this week, I learnt how to treat different animals and what they need, how to clean their cages as well as their ‘personalities’, what to feed them with and how much of it etc.

Here’s a list of what I learnt about the animals there:

  1. Guinea pigs are very easily scared.
  2. Guinea pigs need vitamin C in their water.
  3. Rabbits are lazy and like to lay on one spot every day.
  4. Gerbils have sharp teeth, they chew wire as well as my fingers.
  5. Never let a chinchilla out of your sight because you may never see it again.
  6. Chinchilla likes to bite.
  7. Chinchillas are very fast on their feet.
  8. Chinchillas like to climb.
  9. Lizards don’t move around at all.
  10. Snakes are very hard to see/find even in cages that are less than 0.5m x 0.5m.
  11. Turtles eat a lot when compared to the amount of exercise they do.
  12. Rabbits, guinea pigs poo a lot.
  13. Poisonous spiders must have locks on their cages.
  14. Poisonous spiders eat live black bugs.
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3 Responses to Working week

  1. Xh says:

    Good, you learned a lot!

  2. zixrudi says:

    weird people having poisonous spiders as their pets. So..they have to buy live black bugs everyday and feed them? :/

    • Mereen says:

      feeding them is disgusting, I can’t imagine why people want to have those things as pets… I mean, they eat live big black weird bugs….

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