Introducing: Manga!

If someone has never seen a manga picture ever before, it would really seem weird at first sight.

Manga is the word for Japanese comics, identified with characters who has big eyes. My previous pictures of the two girls are both manga.

There are different kinds of manga, some for teenage boys, some for teenage girls, some for adults and some for kids. Some featuring fantasy, while others can be about school life, sports, magic, teens…

To me, some of the manga are better than others, I prefer comedies. Different styles can influence my opinion too. Some artists like to draw eyes SO large they cover half of the character’s face, others like to draw smaller eyes and rounder chins.

My favourite manga artist is Rumiko Takahashi, her works include Inuyasha, Rin-ne, Mermaid saga, Mansion Ikokku and my favourite manga of all times: Ranma 1/2.

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