The three kittens

The summer before I left the courtyard and China, we kids received some new playmates.

A pregnant (wild) cat had moved in to my neighbour’s garage to give birth, and not long after, there were 3 cute white kittens with black patches. We were overjoyed and played a lot with them. At first they were just kittens that liked to play, later I found that one of them had killed a mouse in the middle of the courtyard. Then the families that lived in the courtyard built a house of blocks and wood and gave them a home and food. Soon another homeless kitten from the garbage dumps moved in with the grown kittens.

When I left, 2 of the kittens were ran over by cars, the kids were sad beyond words. I don’t know if the leftover kitten and the garbage cat has survived the winter, I don’t know if they still live in the courtyard.

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