Norssi Rock

In case you don’t know(again), I am in a school called Norssi.

Every term just before school ends, we will have a live performance by students from the school. I’ve always went to watch the first 10-30 minuet of the show, and then I get bored and simply go home and wait for the last day of school.

No matter how much I used to dislike the show (last year it was as if watching people singing in slow motion) this year I’m playing. Yeah, I’d probably fail, because I decided to play guitar in a new song. The song is new, and the guitar is difficult…

I hope I can make it, but I don’t think we are going to practice too much.

Another thing is, no matter how well I can do it, as soon as I get in front of people (the whole school in this case) my legs turn in to jelly and I can barely stand, and let alone playing guitar!

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3 Responses to Norssi Rock

  1. Elephantbanana says:

    maby you can ask for a chair. Or a hammock. You could get a black one to match your hair AND the guitare! :DDDDD
    I know, im a genius

  2. Good luck!
    And wow you can play 21 guns! ;O

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