Volcanic Dust

About the Iceland volcano eruption, this is most worrying for me. And incase you don’t know, I’m referring to the volcano in Iceland that erupted already in March once and is likely to erupt again.

My situation is that I have not been in my home country–China, for 3 years, and this summer, after a long long wait, we are finally going back. My reaction? I was excited from head to toes, dream come true!!

The volcano eruption may happen again, and if it does, I will NOT be able to fly back with an airplane!! So the result would be either me being stuck in Finland the whole summer, or our family would take a ship or train to China instead.

Of course, it could also happen that we go back to China as planned, then the volcano erupts, and we shall be stuck in China not being able to get back to Finland.

And since neither of the options of what may happen if the volcano erupts again is very pleasant for me, I sincerely hope that the volcano will stay calm.

(I also feel sorry for the people ‘trapped’ in other countries, whether on vacations, business trips or any other reasons. Unless they’d like to stay in the other country and they have a nice source of cash coming without their work.)

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5 Responses to Volcanic Dust

  1. Yeah. I was thinking about going to Finland for the summer O_o
    And our English teacher is currently trapped in England 😛 I think the Norwegian president was stuck in USA some days ago. Heh.

    • Mereen says:

      HAHAHA!!! (not to the part with you coming to finland.) Yeah, these eruptions has made quite a mess out of europe, and turists in europe or out of europe. Some people are going bankrupt cauz they can’t get home and to their jobd. :O

  2. Elephantbanana says:

    omg borccolina you HAVE to come!!!! THen we can make milkshakes together!!! 😀
    My dad ois in India, not sure if he can come back when he plans to

  3. the airport is going bankrupt. They had to pay a few million (or billion?) dollars (or pounds, idk) each day to passengers…since the tickets include the travel insurance, so they have to pay for their hotels and train tickets if they get back with train.

  4. Mereen says:

    total mess….

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