Ant Problem

In case you don’t know (I’m pretty sure you don’t) we planted tomatoes in our balcony last summer, and unfortunately we are now suffering the consequences. By consequences I don’t mean rotten tomatoes, in fact the tomatoes were good as could be (we also planted strawberries).

The fact is that now there’s probablycouple hundred of ants that probably made a nest in the soil and probably in the nest a fat queen ant laying just few thousand ant eggs. And in the warm days, the ants make their way right in front of the living room door, carrying everything they find edible in our balcony around.

So what to do?

Well, we carried out all the soil in the balcony, and made sure that we won’t be planting anything that required soil in the balcony this summer or the next or ever again.

Now there are still 5-6 ants left, but the fact is that they’ve lost their homes and food storage and are crawling around in a sad way. Wonder if I should feed them, catch them and throw them outside or kill them and end their misery?

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2 Responses to Ant Problem

  1. elephantbananas says:

    vaccuum cleaner 🙂

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